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Whether you’re looking to stick to the basics or to level up your car insurance, you’ve come to the right place! On top of the mandatory car insurance coverages required to hit the road in Ontario, you can choose from our wide range of insurance options based on your car, lifestyle and budget.

Mandatory auto insurance coverages in Ontario

You are required by law to have Liability Coverage, Accident Benefits Coverage, Uninsured Motorist Coverage and Direct Compensation – Property Damage no matter what car you drive in Ontario.


Third party liability coverage

Pays for property damage or injuries to others when you cause an accident.


Accident Benefits

Provides financial compensation, including medical expenses, if you're hurt or killed in a car accident.


Uninsured automobile coverage

Covers injury following an accident caused by an uninsured vehicle.


Direct Compensation Property Damage

Pays for damage to your car and the property inside it when someone else causes the accident.

Standard coverages in Ontario

Get additional protection for damage to your vehicle with these standard auto insurance coverage.


Collision or Upset

Pays for repairs to your car when you're responsible for hitting someone or something with your car.

It covers:

  • collision with another car
  • hitting an object
  • collision with a person or an animal
  • car flips over
  • hit-and-run accident

Learn more about direct collision and upset


Comprehensive coverage

Covers broken glass and all damage not related to a collision.


All Perils

Combines Collision or Upset and Comprehensive coverage.


Specified Perils

Protects your car against specific types of damage and theft.

Optional coverages for Ontario drivers

Extend your auto insurance to match your driving style and your car with these optional add-ons.


Accident Forgiveness

Prevents the price of your insurance from going up as a direct result of your first at-fault accident.

Learn More about accident forgiveness


belairdirect roadside assistance®

Provides 4 emergency services per membership year when you run into trouble on the road.



Offers coverage options to expand your protection in case of an accident.


New car protection

Also known as Removing Depreciation Deduction (OPCF 43)

Removes the depreciation deduction from the value of the car when it’s damaged or a total loss.

What to expect
when driving in Ontario

Busiest freeway in Canada

The 401 is not only the busiest freeway in Canada, but in North America! Over 500,000 vehicles pass through its busiest sections every day!

Safest roads

Ottawa has some of the safest roads in Canada, despite an increasing number of drivers each year. You can thank government initiatives and NGOs who have helped reduce the number of deaths and serious injuries on the road by 50% over the last 30 years.

Capital for auto insurance fraud

According to the Globe & Mail, Toronto and the GTA are the capital for auto insurance fraud. A recent investigation suggested that close to half of total repair expenses billed to insurance companies through body shops were exaggerated or completely fabricated. That adds up to hundreds of millions of dollars each year.

Adopt-a-Road program

Oakville has an Adopt-a-Road program that encourages residents to pick up litter alongside the road and keep it clean.

Georgian Bay Coastal Route

If you want to discover Northern Ontario's lakes, forests and natural scenery, take the Georgian Bay Coastal Route. You'll find over 2,000km of shoreline to discover.

Drive in Ontario

In order to drive in Ontario, you must be at least 16 years of age in order to get your learner's permit (G1) and have 12 months experience on the road to obtain your probationary license (G2). Once you have 1 year's experience, you can apply for your full licence (G).

New Drivers in Ontario

So you got your driver's license? Congratulations. Learning to drive is a big milestone in any young person’s life.

Being a new driver means you'll need insurance coverage to protect yourself. Due to your lack of driving experience, your rates may be higher than an experienced driver. Statistically speaking, young people between the ages of 20 to 24 are more often involved in accidents resulting in injuries or fatalities.

When possible, consider applying as a secondary driver under a parent's insurance policy. This allows you to pay a much smaller premium while allowing you to build up your auto insurance history.

More questions about car insurance?

To add a driver to your car insurance, simply open the belairdirect app or log into the Client Center. Then, select your vehicle and click Edit my coverage or tap Modify my policy.

Your insurance premium will be adjusted based on criteria such as the age, driving record and years of experience of the added driver.

If you have a child who drives your car, you need to add them as a driver to your insurance policy. As they gain insurance experience, they might be able to pay less for their own coverage insurance in the future.

According to FSRA (Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario), in Ontario, car insurance costs on average between $1,282 and $2,214 per year. However, keep in mind that this is an average and rates may vary from person to person.

There are many factors that can influence the cost of car insurance:

  • The car you drive (the type, make, model, year, trim)
  • Your driving history & record (number of years you’ve been driving, number of years you’ve been insured, accidents and tickets)
  • How much you drive (how often and how far you drive)
  • Where you live (urban areas, rural areas, etc.)
  • The type of coverage you chose (adding optional coverage affects your rate)

Learn more about how insurance premiums are calculated

In Ontario, the minimum coverage legally required for auto insurance includes third party liability coverage of at least $200,000, accident benefits coverage, uninsured automobile coverage and direct compensation-property damage coverage. In Ontario, driving without valid car insurance can cost you between $5,000 and $50,000 in fines and a one-year license suspension.

You can make sure you get the cheapest coverage by comparing car insurance rates.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when comparing auto insurance quotes:

  • Consider both the price of the premium and the coverage you get
  • Make sure you get a cheaper quote when you bundle your car and home insurance
  • Save money by insuring more than one vehicle
  • Make sure good drivers get rewarded with better rates with a program like automerit

Saving money on auto insurance is only worthwhile if it doesn't compromise your protection. You should always review the different insurance options offered and fully understand which are the best options for you. We can help you get the auto insurance coverage that will fit your needs.

Learn more about our insurance savings and offers

All registered cars in Ontario must be insured with the minimum insurance coverage required by the law: third party liability coverage of at least $200,000, accident benefits coverage, uninsured automobile coverage and direct compensation-property damage coverage.

In Ontario, auto insurance is provided by private insurers. Getting car insurance coverage is as easy as filling out a quote online at!

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